Community Village

We invite you to join us on Tuesdays at Piper Hall from 11am-4pm to meet other like-minded people, have fun and to join us in shaping a Kingston that focuses on the needs and dreams of the community.
The space on Tuesdays is owned by the community, and is for the community, so if there is anything you would like to discuss, or something you would like to do, please bring your creativity and ideas with you to share with the group. We will also be discussing the following things and would love your input...
  • What would people like to get out of the community space?
  • What do people like doing?
  • What would people want to learn/be trained to do?
  • What backbone roles do we need to support the community village?
  • Who is going to do what?
  • What are our priorities as a backbone organisation for the community village - what would we like to achieve in the next three months?
  • What do we need to do next?
  • Funding discussion/brainstorm
  • What does equality mean - general discussion and sharing of ideas
If you are able to and would like to, please bring a dish as the idea is that everyone will share their food and eat together over lunch.
We hope to see you then.