Our Vision

modern-plaguesWhilst we are economically better off than previous generations, we are beset by modern plagues - the “dis-eases of modernity” – for example obesity, malnutrition, addiction, poor mental health. Some of us are far poorer than others – and this affects all of us. Poverty can be financial; but it can be cultural and spiritual, too. Communities have become fragmented, inert, purposeless, passive consumers of corporate products.         journeyWe need to provide the antidotes to these plagues. For ill health, this means recovery and wellbeing; for poverty, education; and for inequality, social justice. By reconnecting communities with meaning and passion, our projects are how we put this journey into effect.           componentsCommunities reconnected with passion and meaning, built on social justice, education and wellbeing, where inequality, poverty and ill-health are addressed, are far more resilient, able to meet modern challenges, and change.