Our Tools


We take a view of the world which promotes strengths and not deficits. The world around us can provide us with most of the resources we need to make change happen, at no visible cost. We employ Asset Based Community Development (or ABCD) as a tool to realise this, including the technique of Asset Mapping.


Communities and individuals have forgotten that they are strong and have become dependent on institutions to enable outcomes. We use Appreciative Enquiry to demonstrate personal strengths; and the ABCD Game to demonstrate the power of groups.

We operate in an absence of hierarchy, where community consists of citizens first and foremost, be they users of services, professionals or deliverers of services. We use Co-Production authentically, as it should be done, to ensure outcomes are fit for purpose and owned.


We spread positive contagion by reaching out to passionate opinion formers and decision makers, front line staff and citizens who are motivated by outcomes.

We re-connect community to meaning through open dialogue without pre-destined outcomes using Socratic Enquiry.


We forge relationships of mutual benefit between local organisations and community through development of a common agenda and progress measures, communications and the staging of mutually reinforcing activities using the Collective Impact framework.