About Us

Who we are RISE is a social enterprise, community interest company, but first and foremost, it is a community. We believe
  • that community is a solution to problems and not a problem to be solved
  • that empowerment of communities benefits everyone
  • that communities have assets which make them powerful; this has been forgotten
  • that inequality, poverty and ill-health are the modern threats to community which must be countered
Everyone in RISE has personal lived experience of the modern threats we face. We are a democratic organisation with no hierarchy. Community is the heart of everything we do. Our mission is our passion. Our passion is our goal. What we do We employ a unique, innovative blend of evidence-based methods which have each been proven in the field around the world, to empower communities to increase their resilience and to deliver projects, with the aims of promoting social justice, education and well-being as the antidotes to inequality, poverty and ill-health.